Finding You!



“It’s this way” I told him. He turned back and walked behind me. I’m trying to be cold, not to let he knows that I like him or care about him. In some way I would try some few romantic words with him.

I always feel something for him, I mean I feel cross. But it is really weird that in my dream, first time after a while that I met him, I wear some short scarf and walking somewhere on the street and meet him accidentally. I don’t know how it happen. But it seem like we for a school trip, and we stay at the same Bangalore. We lost the way to go back to our homestay. Then suddenly he said “We can’t go that way, it flooded”. Then I jumped into the water and swim. He imitated me and swim behind my back.

He say something sweet in a way like he is flirting with me. It doesn’t matter because it made me feel good anyway. I turned my back at him and smiled.

Then he come close to me and say “look at your hair, you’re a lazy girl” and he laughed. I was really embarrassing, but then to make me feel good I said, let me look at your hair then. He ran away from me, a way like a couple trying to play with each other.

I said “see! You dare not to let me see your hair cos you’re lazy too.” We laughed and continue to walk.

Still we feel like we couldn’t find the way back home. Then I saw a man walking on the street, carrying many stuffs on his back and shoulders. I asked “do you where is the place…hmm? Then the old man replied, “Where?” Then I turned back to him, do you remember where we stayed? I couldn’t recover my memory, I completely lost. Then he said “Oh, the place is sort of located at the end of the village, next to the great lake.”

The old men replied “Oh you stay at the Bangalore? I heard that there are many students came to our village. I replied, “yes, that the one. I’m one of the student. I’m so happy. Thank you.”

We continue walking from road to road, while he saying something funny. The scene of the road was pretty and difference. It look like a movie animation, there were big trees, green, silence and beautiful sounds singing from birds.” Then we reached a village.

Suddenly, I said “look at that fruits” I pointing my hand to show him. I want to eat it.

“I didn’t see why it look good, it didn’t seem tasty too,” he said in a sarcastic way.

I said “you know I always want to eat these fruits for so long. I’m glad I found it here.”

He replies, “Okay, okay I’ll buy it.” I smiled.

He said, “I want to get that fruits, can you pick up for us,” he talked to the sellers. The sellers were young and look like Chinese.

The seller pulled the fruits, and suddenly I was really disappointed. I said “Oh, it didn’t look the same to what I have seen, but still I want to eat them.” Then we bought it and eat while walking.

I didn’t remember but we didn’t make it to our homestay. I woke up. Well I wanted to go back to sleep and continue my dream but I it’s time to go to class. So I decided to wake up and happy about what I have dreamt.

It’s a beautiful moment. It made me smile for the whole week. I feel so much powerful and enthusiasm. I hope he feel the same way. Long’s distance relationship can be hard but it is possible and it is really lovely and sweet as well.

Right babe?

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