The Idea of Getting “Famous”


Meeting Jenny Mealey, University of Minnesota admission officer, first day officially become a U of M Student.

Everyday I would spent half of my day thinking about how to be “FAMOUS”. Seriously? yes I do. I wanted to be famous in a way of my career, a journalist and a social activist. It is really tough for young girl to develop a sense of success in such a vibrant society. My parents once told me to follow my tuition, and what’s inside me trying to tell.

….But things get terrible. I have no idea right now, where to go and what to do. I stuck in a place.

Today, I walk across the street and see some student working and implementing their project with full of energy and enthusiasm. It made me think about an uncertain future. I’m not scare actually, cos I failed too many times and it is completely okay to fail again.

…My roommate said, she was really worried about her future, how she’s going to make a living with writing. Because this path has no clue or exact element to follow.

Of course, I immediately replied ” that’s the coolest  and most conventional path we have. Look, we like freedom and we don’t want anyone to tell us what to do and who to follow.”

Although I’m always optimistic about my future, I always believe I’m going to be a very successful journalist, however the question is how? it would be really hard to answers. It takes life to figure it out. I was confused and reluctant at first to choose the path and career that I love, I follow my passion and dream. It kind of a bit scary but delightful.

My family was not really happy about my decision. Because it is not safe to be a journalist in my country. When I said I wanted to be a journalist writing on political and culture. My parents was silence for a while and replied:

… ” How do you come up with that idea? Don’t you know the situation in our country? I would be really, really happy if you choose to be a tour guide or businesswoman or teacher. I don’t mind feeding and serving you in the rest of my life,” my father says.

..”I would not sleep well if you are really becoming a journalist. Look at the job available in our village, you can stay near us and live a happy and normal life, have you seen any of journalist end up well? ” my mother says.

..”I don’t want to be or live in a normal life. I want to go out there and do something for our country. You know why we become like this? because we choose fear over other options. I wanted to be the first in our generation who step out of traditional life and go out there, to see the world,” I said.

” I hope you change your decision. Let’s me know if you need a job besides of that field, I have some pals who can connect you to a good job” father says.

“Thanks I don’t need one. Let’s me learn doing things by myself. I want to see how far I can go and how deep I can dive,” I said.

“You always arrogant and too much optimism. Just so know you won’t lose pride coming back and ask for help. I will always be there for you,” my father said.

“wait and see,” I said.

I made it first out of my hometown. I won a full-ride scholarship and majored in Tourism management in Cambodia, date back to 2016. I love that field too but it is too much into money making and profit. I don’t feel like I making any changes or contribution back concerning to my thinking ability. I born as a thinker, introverted and like being solitude. In some way I pose a great talent in writing and thinking.

It is unusual for me to study Journalism or wanting to be a journalist. The most scaring job every parent wish not to hear from their beloved daughter. It would let them questioned “why” for years. In Asian country, rarely woman desire to be a reporters, so only a few made it to the top.

The place where I belong to, everyone is honor and obey their parent wishes. They choose a path that designed or asked by their parents or family, relatives, teacher or market demand. So all of them are majored in science, engineering, and the vast majority are teacher. It is the most safest jobs and well-paid too. That’s what my parent wish I should have said to them. They would be really happy to hear that, but that’s not gonna happen.

As I remember, there’s only few of my classmates, friends and relatives choose to walk in a conventional path, like I do. So they have to pass through many fights and experiments. I admired them, and I’m so proud of myself too, always.

I wish that school won’t teach children to choose a major or career. I wish that every parents would accept and provide a positive reinforcements to their children in term of this matter. That may be when the change start to begin.

Now I majored in Professional Journalism at The University of Minnesota. I couldn’t be more proud than making this decision. It open me up to the world where I want to build and grow. I have six female mentors who successful, conventional and bold — the most precious things I ever have. I’m happy now. I just want to say, follow our heart and passion, we will find love and success.

There only thing left is how to be “famous”? How to be  the first? Well, it obvious. I’m a member of Society of Professional Journalist (SPJ), The WAKE magazine, and Ads club at the University of Minnesota. No wonder I plan to rise to the top within two or three year.

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